Photography By Craig Brown
Welcome to my website. I am excited for you to browse my images and let your imagination wander! To me, photography is so much more than a passion. It is my escape. It is my stress relief. It captures my heart when I see just how beautiful the world we live in is. When I am out in nature, I let go. I let my mind wander. I believe in magic. 
I suppose at one point I picked a genre in photography, and that was Weddings & Portraits. But then after about 12 years of that, I embraced my inner weirdness and dabbled in a bunch of different genres. never really picking one to stay with. Landscape, Nature, Abstract, Architecture and recently in the last couple of years, Wildlife. 
I am an animal lover. Have always been and always will be. I firmly believe animals have every right to exist harmoniously on this planet with humans. 
I am a proud Canadian and I live in the beautiful city of Burlington, Ontario. I have been very fortunate in my lifetime to travel to many places on this incredible planet, but Canada will always be my home. 

I am also a proud ambassador for Nature First, the organization for responsible nature photography.

​​​​​​​I hope you enjoy my web site. All of my images are available as prints.